Water Saving, Money Saving.


Are you on metered water? Here’s a great tip to reduce your water bill without anyone even trying.

Let me explain. The average person flushes the loo about 5 times a day. So a family of four would flush 20 times a day. All you need to do to reduce the amount of water in a flush is to get a 1.5 litre plastic bottle, fill it with water, and insWater Saving, Money Saving.ert it into the cistern. Do that for each loo in the house. Make sure it is not obstructing the flushing mechanism at all.

Loos don’t need that much water to flush, so every time someone uses a loo in the house from now on, you save one and a half litres of water. The family of 4 will save around 30 litres of water every single day, which is quite staggering – and for no effort! 900 litres of water a month is going to be saved this way –great for the environment and great for your bank account too.

As an aside, here are a couple of interesting snippets in relation to water saving –

Pee in the shower and save water

Also, we own a home in Spain. In our area water is a scarce commodity, so we have to do whatever we can to save it. Our cleaner uses our eco friendly cleaning products, and when she throws the water out of the mop bucket, it goes outside on the plants. How many of us pour it down the sink instead?

Furthermore, we keep a bucket in the shower. Whilst it is not exactly pretty, every time we shower, the bucket fills up with clean water beside our leg, and even on a quick shower, we all save a bucketful of water to flush the loo with. This may sound a bit too eco –warriorish for you, but in countries where water is scarce (and as such expensive) this method saves a lot of clean water every day!

I hope this gives you some ideas – especially if you are on a tight budget where every penny counts, and where you can count your pennies whilst spending a penny…..

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