The Trouble with Allergies

There is nothing more troublesome than having to handle allergies that would make your life absolutely miserable. Thankfully there are many ways you can get around this type of situation, as despite the allergens hiding in your home every day, you can still solve the issue by using safer house cleaning products instead. This will allow you to fix the issue of having a runny nose, as well as other unpleasant symptoms you would have to fight every day. Use these tips on making products that would get the job done safely and without making your allergies worse in the process:
Anti Allergic Home Cleaning Products
Helping to reduce the number of allergen-absorbent surfaces
Although this is not exactly a product, it is in fact very important as it will make it easier for you to handle house cleaning in general. What you really need to do is make sure you have rooms that are made with surfaces easier to clean and better for keeping allergens away. Non-porous surfaces are very important for this task so you will need to have them around a lot more than you think.

Using distilled white vinegar for cleaning
Not only it is powerful and antifungal, but it will also be great for cleaning and disinfection around bathrooms, kitchens and so much more. You can mix it together with some baking soda for a nice unclogging mixture that would be great for drains. Just washing you bedding will be one way of solving the issue, so think about it and see what you can do to combine it with vinegar cleaning.
Anti Allergic Home Cleaning Products2
Maintaining great air quality levels indoors
Just get a good humidistat if you’re worried about the humidity levels around your home or any apartment you live in. That will let you keep track of the humidity levels inside, so you can use a dehumidifier to keep them low if the need arises. Moisture levels should be somewhere around lower than 50% if you want to have a nice and healthy life inside your home.

Making sure you use steam cleaning
You will have a lot to gain from steam cleaning if you want to avoid using chemicals at all. This would not be a problem for your allergies if you handle it right, so think about what you can do with steam cleaning, either by using equipment yourself or by hiring a cleaning company that would allow you to handle the task without fail. You can make use of a good HEPA vacuum cleaner to remove most of the dust in the air and the allergens that go with them.

The use of Borax
You will have many chances to handle cleaning, but some cleaning supplies will be much safer than others. Borax is one way of doing this, making use of the powdery substance to have a low toxicity solution, letting you handle nearly all your cleaning needs without fail. Just make sure you make use of it with care as you move on.

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