Teaching Children Eco-friendly Habits

Trees are one of the most important tools in the fight to save our planet and prevent global warming. Trees absorb and store greenhouse gasses emitted by our cars and by power plants creating electricity for us on a daily basis. By trapping this carbon dioxide before it reaches the Earth’s upper atmosphere, trees can help keep the Earth cooler and the air cleaner for us to breamother-1039765_640the.

Although all living plants absorb CO2, trees do it best. Because of their size and root structure, trees are able to store more CO2 in the woody biomass than any other plant on the planet making trees some of the most efficient carbon sinks available.

What are the best trees to plant for the environment and our planet? Studies have shown that tree species that grow quickly and live longer than others are the best choices to plant. Unfortunately, these two features don’t often happen in the same tree. This is where region and personal preference of local forestry preserves come into play. Some areas of the world prefer trees that grow quickly so theywater-fight-442257_640 can replenish those cut down, while others prefer the slower growing, long lasting trees than can absorb higher amounts of CO2 more readily.

Base your tree planting strategy on the location you are in. Some trees grow better in certain locations and they even absorb more CO2’s in these locations than anywhere else. This is dependent on the health of the tree species and it can have a definite impact on the local environment as well as the overall health of the planet.

Choosing low maintenance trees is also a good way to help the Earth and prevent global warming. If a tree doesn’t have to work as hard to grow, it can absorb and store much more CO2 than one that has to fight to survive in the chosen location.

When it comes down to it, you can search for the right tree for your area, find one that is slow growing but hearty and then look for one that is also low maintenance so it doesn’t end up cancelling out any of the CO2 absorbing benefits that it offers, or you can just find the right tree for your area and plant it. Any tree, any shape and any size will grow and help the Earth if it is right for the geographic location. If your region is full of poplar trees, plant a poplar tree; if you have maple trees in your area and you would like to plant one in your garden , go ahead, it will benefit the Earth and everyone on it.

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